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What do you call an arab playing polo?
A camel jockey! -Patrick

Why are arab football (soccer) teams so shitty?
Everytime they get a corner they open up a shop! -Chris n Josh

Why are camels the submarines of the desert?
They're full of Iraqi semen! -luke

What's the difference between an American girl and an arab girl?
American girls get stoned before they commit adultery.

When is the only time you can spit in a Persian womans face?
When her mustache is on fire! -joe

What do you call an arab standing between two buildings?
Ali! -Bob

What do you call a pretty Paki?
Asif! -Josh

Why is the Afghan air force so easy to train?
You only have to teach them how to take off!

Why aren't there any Wal*Marts in Afghanistan?
Because there's a Target on every corner! -O'Donovan

What do you call a peice of sandpaper in Afghanistan?
A map! -O'Donovan

Failed Afghan recruitment slogans:
Be Allah you can be!
Martyrs have more fun!
Free camoflage turbans! Sign up today!
Uncle oSAMa wants you!

What do you call a guy with his hand up a camels ass?
An Afghani mechanic! -will

Why don't they teach Drivers Ed. and Sex Ed. on the same day in the middle east?
The camels would get too tired!

What's 20 feet long and wrapped around a cunt?
A turban! -David


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