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Did you hear the one about the mexican that went to college?
Me neither -Ryan K

What do you call a mexican hitchhiker?
Joaquin, or El Paso

What do you call four mexicans who can't swim?
Quatro Sinco -Brielle


What do you call kids whose parent's are white and mexican?
Crackers and beans! - Blade

What do you call a little mexican?
A paragraph, because he's not quite an essay. -Mike

Why aren't there any spics on Star Trek?
They won't work in the future either!

What do you call a gang of spics running down a hill?

Why do blacks put their garbage in clear bags?
So puerto ricans can window shop! -jesse

Why do spics drive lowriders?
So they can drive while they pick strawberries.

What do you call a mexican getting baptised?
Bean dip! -shaun

What do you call a building full of spics?
A jail! -kris

What do you call two mexicans playing basketball?
Juan on Juan!

What do you call a spic with a rubber toe?

How do you kill a mexican?
Throw a quarter off a cliff. -slater

What do you get when you breed a black and a mexican?
A theif who's too lazy to steal!

Why don't mexicans have barbecues?
The beans keep falling through the grill! -ronnie

What did the spic say when his home fell on him?
Get off me holmes!! -habitat

How do you find the richest spic in town?
Drop a penny, whoever catches it is the richest spic!

Why do mexicans eat tamales on christmas?
So they'll have something to unwrap!

Why were there only 40,000 mexicans at the Alamo?
They only have two cars!

How do you start a mexican parade?
Roll a quarter down the street! -Elden

A mexican and a nigger are riding in car . . who's driving?
A cop!

How do you hide money from a mexican?
Hide it under a bar of soap! -Christina

Why is there no mexican olympic team?
All the spics who can run, jump or swim are in the U.S.!

Why is a spic like a pizza?
They're both small, greasy and speak no english!

What is a Mexican without a lawnmower?
Unemployed! -c

Why do mexicans like tiny steering wheels?
It make it easier to drive while handcuffed! -Gogo


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