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A little girl wrote to Sarah Palin asking, "How did the human race start?". Sarah Palin answered, "God made Adam and Eve, they had children and all mankind was made."

THe next day the little girl wrote to michelle obama and asked the same question. Michelle obama answered, "Many years ago there were monkeys in africa from which the human race evolved."

The confused girl went to her father and asked, "How come Sarah Palin told me that mankind was created by God, and michelle obama told me mankind evolved from monkeys?"

Her father answeres, "Well, it's very simple . . . Sarah Palin told you about her ancestors, and michelle obama told you about hers!"

If Whites and blacks had a war, what would it be called?
KKK vs KFC! - Justin

Why is February the shortest month?
Because it's nigger history month! -Tony

What does obamas CHANGE mean?
Come Help A Nigger Get Elected -Jimmy

Everyone should stop being racist . . racism should be a crime, and crime is for NIGGERS! - Neil

Did you hear Hallmark was making an obama Christmas ornament?
They want to give Americans the gift they all want, that nigger hanging in a tree!

What does MARTA stand for in Atlanta, GA?
Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta! -Robert

What's the difference between killing time and killing niggers?
You can only kiss so much time! - Justin

How do you know Noah was a White man?
No nigger could stay on a boat for 40 days without eating the chickens! - Justin

What do you call a nigger with a peg leg?
Shit on a stick! -joe

Why do niggers always have sex on their minds?
Because they have pubes on their heads! -Bo

What does Pontiac stand for?
Poor Old Nigger Thinks It's A Cadillac! -ricky

Did you hear the one about . .
. . the baby nigger who went to heaven and got his wings? He said, "God! Look! I'm an angel!", and God said, "No you stupid nigger! You're a bat, now eff off!"

I like black people . . .
. . I used to have some black friends 'till my dad sold them!

What do children sing when they see a niggers hair?
Baa Baa Black Sheep! - Justin

A man walks into a bar with a picture of a cat, he tells the bartender it's $100 for the picture and $100 for the story behind it. The bartender says he'll take the picture, but doesn't care about the story. At the end of his shift he throws it in the backseat of his car and drives home. He notices thousands of cats following his car! He gets worried and stops on a bridge and throws the picture off, the thousands of cats jump off too, following the picture.

The next day the same man comes into the bar, he asks the bartender if he's ready for the story behind the picture. The bartender says, "No, but if you have a picture of martin luther king, jr I'll take it!" - Justin

What do you call a black hitchhiker?
Stranded! - bob

A White guy and a black guy shared a house. One day the house burnt down and only the White guy lived. Why?
The White guy was at work! - Elliot

What do you call a boatload of niggers going over a waterfall?
A chocolate fountain! -Kevin

What does the niggers favorite brand, FUBU, stand for?
Fucked Up Beyond Understanding! -Jorge

How was shit invented?
God smashed a nigger and gave it a better smell! -Bob

What does a nigress and an ice hockey player have in common?
They both change their pads after 3 periods! -ashmoor

Why do blacks have white hands and feet?
They were on all fours when God spray painted them!

Why do black people have white hands?
They were up against the wall when God spray painted them!

Why do black people have white hands?
Everyone has some good in them! -bonz

Why do black people have white hands?
It rubs off the cop cars! -bonz

Why do more niggers get hit by cars in the winter?
They're easier to spot! -brenden

What do you call two blacks on one bike?
Organized crime! -bobo

Why are niggers getting stronger?
T.V.s are getting bigger! -tim

What happened to the nigger who had an abortion?
Crime Stoppers sent her a check for $500! -tim

Why don't nigger bitchs wear panties to picnics?
To keep the flies away from the chicken! -michael

What's the difference between a truck full of baby niggers and a truck full of bowling balls?
You can't unload a truck full of bowling balls with a pitchfork!

What does FUBU stand for?
Farmers Used to Buy Us

What does FUBU stand for?
Farmers Used to Beat Us

Why don't sharks eat niggers?
They think its whale shit!

Why do niggers call white people "honkies"?
Thats the last sound they hear before they get hit! -davey

What do they do with dead niggers in California?
Gut them to make wetsuits! -kara

Why does L.A. have so many fags and N.Y. so many niggers?
L.A. had first choice! -David

What do you call a chinese nigger with AIDS?
Coon Die Soon - David

What does NAACP stand for?
Niggers Against All Caucasian People

What does NAACP stand for?
Now Apes Are Called People -Brandon


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